Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reasons For Buying a Samsung Galaxy S4

Coming from an iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S3?

Still undecided about the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Note sure if you should get the upgrade?

Here's a video that may help you be confident in your purchase.

Ask Your Tech Questions Ep.3

In this week's "Ask Your Tech Questions" I answer questions about IMEI, charging issues, and buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5.

If you have a tech question, please feel free to leave a question in the comment section and I'll be happy to answer them.

Have a nice day!

Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830?

Hello is it possible to change the IMEI of my samsung galaxy ace s5830 with reinstalling my software? I have android 2.3(Gingerbeard) if i delete it and install it over again will the IMEI be changed? Or i can change the IMEI without a reinstallation?

Hi Dano.

IMEI is tied to the hardware. It should be EXTREMELY difficult to change it. If you do successfully change the IMEI number, it is illegal to do so. It's the same as having VIN numbers on your car.

Reinstalling your software definitely won't change your IMEI number. It's the same as adding a different engine to your car, it's still the same VIN number.

Hope that helps!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Charging?

I charged my note 2,but when it reached 100%,it still say charging at lock i suppose to wait or discharge?

You can take it off the charger when it reaches 100%. Nothing will happen and your phone will work perfectly fine.

Apple vs Samsung, which phone to buy?

I am a Apple user who is using iPhone since 2008 but i think apple cheated me with this crappy iPhone 5, its just the same thing. I saw Galaxy S4 and its way much better than iPhone 5, but it runs on Android which is crap compared to iOS (jailbroken).
So Apple has better software but Samsung has better hardware and features. So should i sell my iPhone 5 and buy S4? I mainly use my phone for educational purposes and the apps i use are better on iOS but i'm so bored of this same old iPhone.

Hi Taylor
You are 100% correct. Let me agree with your facts.
-S4 has Octa-core compared to iPhone 5 Dual Core A6
-iOS has really polished apps but most of the popular apps are on both (ie. Whatsapp, Flilpboard, etc)
-iOS is boring vs. Android has customizations on ROMs, Launchers, and Widgets.

The best answer is to keep both.

If you can't afford both, the iPhone 5 has a better resale value and the S4 will drop to $350 in less than 1 yr.

Both phones are great but if you want swappable battery (swap in a new one when the battery drains) and expandable memory to additional 64GB (you can fill it with anything you want, files, movies, pictures, etc.) and enjoy the bigger screen then S4 is for you.

Otherwise, both are great and it really just comes down to preference. You can't go wrong with either or.

S4 doesn't come out until late April 2013.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions Ep.2

How do I know what kind of case to get for my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S G4?

I am trying to find a cheap/second-hand case for my cellphone. I bought this cellphone second-hand at an Unclaimed Baggage. However, every time I look for a case on eBay, I never can seem to find one that is specifically for what I have. When I do a search, I include the terms "T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S," but I basically get results for the S2, S3, and S4, but not just for the "S." On the other hand, I do get results of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S G4 SGH T-959 VIBRANT phone, which looks like my cellphone.

Hi Kim,

Hope all is well!

Your question is easy to answer.
  1. Your phone is actually called the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S G4 T959 (or SGH T-959, or Vibrant 4G or Vibrant Plus, they are all the same and the same case will fit any of these phones).
  2. Here's a case I recommend for you on eBay
  3. If you don't like what I have suggested then here's a discussion on all the best cases for your phone

Do you need any kind of plan with a unlocked phone or can you just buy minutes?

Out of curiousity do you need a plan with an unlocked phone? This is an example say someone bought me a unlocked phone and I can use it for T-Mobile. I put my SIM card into the phone. Could I just buy minutes and refill them when I run out or do I have to use a monthly plan or a pay as you go plan? Thanks for your help!

Hi AngelicRose.

You are absolutely right. You just buy minutes and refill them up.

However, T-Mobile networks are finicky as they only work best with T-Mobile branded phones. If your unlock phone is from say AT&T and it works with T-Mobile, your data speed however may be on Edge and not 3G.

Hope that helps!

How can I make hotspot work on iphone 3gs?

I have TMobile service and own a phone that works well--both wifi and hotspot--being 4g. I do want to get an iphone but my contract with tmobile is not up for renewal until 2014. So, my friend, who recently got a new iphone, got her 3gs iphone unlocked and gave it to me. I love it but:
1) the bar on top of the screen keeps showing tmobile E...
2) hotspot don't work!!
3)when Im out it starts loses network on and off.
What should I do?

Hey NS.

Firstly, I think you need to purchase a hotspot feature on T-Mobile to get hotspot to work. (or maybe not as I just read it's included in your data)

Secondly, your friend's unlocked iPhone 3GS data does not work on your T-Mobile Network. The reason is your friend's unlocked iPhone 3GS data cannot connect to T-Mobile's 1700 AWS Band (which is what T-Mobile is on.)

Thirdly, I don't think iPhones work on T-Mobile's data network and if it is it might only be the iPhone 5.

So to answer your question:
1) the bar on top of the screen keeps showing tmobile E...
-Yes that's how it should be.

2) hotspot don't work!!
-No it won't work on Edge.

3)when Im out it starts loses network on and off.
-Yes because your friend's unlocked iPhone 3GS is not compatible with the 1700 AWS network of TMobile. If you were on AT&T then yes, your friend's unlocked iPhone 3GS would work PERFECTLY.

You should try getting a T-Mobile phone like the Samsung Galaxy S2. If hotspot doesn't work or they charge you for it, you ROOT it and there's a hotspot hack that will work on it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions

How to fix shorted mother board (htc desire HD)?

Hi, about 4 months ago my HTC desire HD stopped working over night ( I'm assuming this is because I attempted to charge it over night when it must have had slight water damage) I took the phones battery out immediately and noticed slight wetness on the battery ( looked like very slight condensation) and ever since then my phone will not turn on, I did immediately try the rice trick for a day but this didn't work. I'm guessing I shorted the motherboard what could I do to help? Thankyou in advance!! Joe

Hi Joe,
It's easy to do. Don't be intimidated. It's already broken so there's no additional risk in fixing it yourself. Please look at this video for your resource.

Here's the part you can buy online.

Is the dual core samsung galaxy s3 still good?

I was wondering this because I currently have the dual core samsung galaxy s3 and I was wondering is this still a good phone? I was thinking of upgrading to the samsung galaxy s for when it released but I don't this phone considered slow now or obselete?

Hi Fred,
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is FAR FROM OBSOLETE and definitely not slow. It will most likely stay relevant for another two years out of it.

The only reason anyone may want the S4 from the S3  is if they wanted the latest and greatest. However, you should be fine. I own older phones than you and they can keep up with today's needs. (iPhone 4, Galaxy Note 1, GSM Galaxy Nexus)

How do i stop my phone from saying sd card unmount?

It just started doing this after I took 5 pictures!
now all my photos and downloads are gone.
I reset my phone just cause. But I have everything saved onto my google account.
This "sd card unmount" wont stop appearing even if i take it out and the battery and restart my phone. I cant do anything with my phone now. I need help?

You may need to reformat it in Windows to FAT32

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions

This is a session where I answer questions regarding Tech.

Should I buy the iMac or MacBook Pro?
Depends if you want to be mobile or stationary, but right now the Retina MacBook Pros have a boatload of problems.

Do you think the Apple will come out with a Tablet PC Hybrid?
When Steve Jobs was alive he said no.
Now that Tim Cook released an iPad Mini, anything's possible as APPL market share has tanked big time.

What are your thoughts about the build quality between the HTC One and the iPhone 5?
Same. Both are beautiful.  However, HTC CEO Peter Chou says he'll resign if the HTC One fails.

Should I get an iPhone 4 for 2 yrs at $0.00?
If somebody could verify that the iPhone 4 will be shipped to you with iOS 5 then yes, you’ll be fine.  If it comes preloaded with iOS 6 then you should refund it and look for other $0 phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 as iOS 6 presents itself with some problems of it own.

Which Phones to Sell?

So I now have three useful phones.  

N7000 Galaxy Note 1
i9250 GSM Galaxy Nexus
iPhone 4

The Galaxy Note was my iPhone 4 replacement and the Galaxy Nexus was bought because I was bored with the Note (I babied that Note and didn’t want to go too flash crazy).

But now the iPhone 4 was recently returned to me and I don’t need three working phones.  (I only have 1 sim card).

I’m thinking of selling the Note and Nexus and keeping the iPhone 4, because the iPhone 4 seems to hold more value.  It has does everything I would normally do on the Android (call, text, WhatsApp and surf  but no turn by turn navigation) and I was going to get the Note 2 in 6 months (or sooner) for $0.

From what I’ve seen, the iOS products are easier for my kids to interact with than Android.  So selling the iPhone seems like a bigger loss to me than selling both Android.

But I don’t know, I seem torn.  What Would You Do?

Older Phones

I’m into old phones now.  I wanted to make an argument that there is no real need to get the latest and greatest while older phones still has value of its own.

Case in point: The i9020 Nexus S running on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock rom.  Yes it lagged a little for a 2 yr old phone but it ran Google Now and handled all the Google Apps quite well.  You can get this phone as low as $60 on eBay.  It definitely felt very up to date and though it can’t load up power house games under 2 minutes, it does all the other stuff quite well.  Great as a backup phone!

Another phone that I picked up for $170 is the i9250 GSM Galaxy Nexus running on 4.2.2 with Project Butter.  Project Butter really is fantastic, rooting is super easy with Gnex ToolKitl and there’s an abundance of ROMS to flash.  Without a doubt, this is now one of my favourite phone and is made very relevant because of how easily it receives updates with ease, which a lot of newer phones struggle to see.

As you can see, there is no reason to have the latest and greatest.  Just wait a while for the price to drop and you’ll see a difference in your wallet but not in your experience.