Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions Ep.3

In this week's "Ask Your Tech Questions" I answer questions about IMEI, charging issues, and buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5.

If you have a tech question, please feel free to leave a question in the comment section and I'll be happy to answer them.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830?

Hello is it possible to change the IMEI of my samsung galaxy ace s5830 with reinstalling my software? I have android 2.3(Gingerbeard) if i delete it and install it over again will the IMEI be changed? Or i can change the IMEI without a reinstallation?

Hi Dano.

IMEI is tied to the hardware. It should be EXTREMELY difficult to change it. If you do successfully change the IMEI number, it is illegal to do so. It's the same as having VIN numbers on your car.

Reinstalling your software definitely won't change your IMEI number. It's the same as adding a different engine to your car, it's still the same VIN number.

Hope that helps!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Charging?

I charged my note 2,but when it reached 100%,it still say charging at lock i suppose to wait or discharge?

You can take it off the charger when it reaches 100%. Nothing will happen and your phone will work perfectly fine.

Apple vs Samsung, which phone to buy?

I am a Apple user who is using iPhone since 2008 but i think apple cheated me with this crappy iPhone 5, its just the same thing. I saw Galaxy S4 and its way much better than iPhone 5, but it runs on Android which is crap compared to iOS (jailbroken).
So Apple has better software but Samsung has better hardware and features. So should i sell my iPhone 5 and buy S4? I mainly use my phone for educational purposes and the apps i use are better on iOS but i'm so bored of this same old iPhone.

Hi Taylor
You are 100% correct. Let me agree with your facts.
-S4 has Octa-core compared to iPhone 5 Dual Core A6
-iOS has really polished apps but most of the popular apps are on both (ie. Whatsapp, Flilpboard, etc)
-iOS is boring vs. Android has customizations on ROMs, Launchers, and Widgets.

The best answer is to keep both.

If you can't afford both, the iPhone 5 has a better resale value and the S4 will drop to $350 in less than 1 yr.

Both phones are great but if you want swappable battery (swap in a new one when the battery drains) and expandable memory to additional 64GB (you can fill it with anything you want, files, movies, pictures, etc.) and enjoy the bigger screen then S4 is for you.

Otherwise, both are great and it really just comes down to preference. You can't go wrong with either or.

S4 doesn't come out until late April 2013.

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