Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions

This is a session where I answer questions regarding Tech.

Should I buy the iMac or MacBook Pro?
Depends if you want to be mobile or stationary, but right now the Retina MacBook Pros have a boatload of problems.

Do you think the Apple will come out with a Tablet PC Hybrid?
When Steve Jobs was alive he said no.
Now that Tim Cook released an iPad Mini, anything's possible as APPL market share has tanked big time.

What are your thoughts about the build quality between the HTC One and the iPhone 5?
Same. Both are beautiful.  However, HTC CEO Peter Chou says he'll resign if the HTC One fails.

Should I get an iPhone 4 for 2 yrs at $0.00?
If somebody could verify that the iPhone 4 will be shipped to you with iOS 5 then yes, you’ll be fine.  If it comes preloaded with iOS 6 then you should refund it and look for other $0 phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 as iOS 6 presents itself with some problems of it own.

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