Thursday, March 21, 2013

Which Phones to Sell?

So I now have three useful phones.  

N7000 Galaxy Note 1
i9250 GSM Galaxy Nexus
iPhone 4

The Galaxy Note was my iPhone 4 replacement and the Galaxy Nexus was bought because I was bored with the Note (I babied that Note and didn’t want to go too flash crazy).

But now the iPhone 4 was recently returned to me and I don’t need three working phones.  (I only have 1 sim card).

I’m thinking of selling the Note and Nexus and keeping the iPhone 4, because the iPhone 4 seems to hold more value.  It has does everything I would normally do on the Android (call, text, WhatsApp and surf  but no turn by turn navigation) and I was going to get the Note 2 in 6 months (or sooner) for $0.

From what I’ve seen, the iOS products are easier for my kids to interact with than Android.  So selling the iPhone seems like a bigger loss to me than selling both Android.

But I don’t know, I seem torn.  What Would You Do?

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