Friday, March 22, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions

How to fix shorted mother board (htc desire HD)?

Hi, about 4 months ago my HTC desire HD stopped working over night ( I'm assuming this is because I attempted to charge it over night when it must have had slight water damage) I took the phones battery out immediately and noticed slight wetness on the battery ( looked like very slight condensation) and ever since then my phone will not turn on, I did immediately try the rice trick for a day but this didn't work. I'm guessing I shorted the motherboard what could I do to help? Thankyou in advance!! Joe

Hi Joe,
It's easy to do. Don't be intimidated. It's already broken so there's no additional risk in fixing it yourself. Please look at this video for your resource.

Here's the part you can buy online.

Is the dual core samsung galaxy s3 still good?

I was wondering this because I currently have the dual core samsung galaxy s3 and I was wondering is this still a good phone? I was thinking of upgrading to the samsung galaxy s for when it released but I don't this phone considered slow now or obselete?

Hi Fred,
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is FAR FROM OBSOLETE and definitely not slow. It will most likely stay relevant for another two years out of it.

The only reason anyone may want the S4 from the S3  is if they wanted the latest and greatest. However, you should be fine. I own older phones than you and they can keep up with today's needs. (iPhone 4, Galaxy Note 1, GSM Galaxy Nexus)

How do i stop my phone from saying sd card unmount?

It just started doing this after I took 5 pictures!
now all my photos and downloads are gone.
I reset my phone just cause. But I have everything saved onto my google account.
This "sd card unmount" wont stop appearing even if i take it out and the battery and restart my phone. I cant do anything with my phone now. I need help?

You may need to reformat it in Windows to FAT32

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