Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ask Your Tech Questions Ep.4

Hi, I love answering Tech Questions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.  I’ve been answering questions at Yahoo Answers and I’m currently at 41% Best Answers and climbing.  I’m friendly and courteous and I’ll always try to be helpful.  Here are some examples that helped other people.

How to sync S Planner between S III and Galaxy tablet?
Hello, how do I get events added to S Planner on my Galaxy S3 to transfer automatically to S Planner on my Galaxy tablet? I don't use a calendar through my email. Thank you!

Hi Hockey Girl,

To sync your S Planner on your Galaxy S3 to the S Planner on your Tablet you need to download Kies.

1. Download Kies (link provided)
2. Sync S3 to computer
3. Sync Tablet to computer, (get the computer to override your tablet).

However, I wouldn't suggest you to do it this way. From now on you should do it this way.

Sync (gmail style)
1. Login S3 and Tablet with the same Gmail account
2. Whenever you enter your calendar events on either the S3 or Tablet, use the Gmail account, NOT the local S Planner calendar account.
3. Have both S3 and Tablet turn on sync for Calendar.

So that every time you enter an event on either the S3, Tablet or Google Calendar, it will show up IMMEDIATELY on all your other devices. It's pretty slick.

Hope I was able to help. Good Luck!

Are there any apps like this out there?
I need an app that can turn your music to karaoke, or an app that can turn your music to instrumental. 

If you guys don't have suggestions for that, then any karaoke apps that have a wide variety of selection of music. Thank you :)

Hi Amanda,

Hope you're on Android.

I like Mini Karaoke. It works for me.

If you're on iTunes, you're better off buying the karaoke version of the song. Just type the song title + karaoke.

Hope I was able to help. Good Luck!

Asker's Comment:
Thanks :)

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Sony Xperia Z vs Blackberry Z10 vs iPhone 4S ?? Which is the best amongst them?

These are 4 completely different phone, and I'm surprised you chose the 4S instead of the 5.

Lumia 920
Pro: Best camera sensor, bright colours, slick Metro UI
Con: Not a lot of app development

Xperia Z
Pro: Best resolution (1080p), multitouch up to 10 fingers, SD Card up to 64GB, 2GB Ram, Quad Core, 13.1 megapixel, water resistant (yes you can wash your phone with water under the tap)
Con: Non removable battery (not really a con)

Blackberry Z10
Pro: BB Hub, BBM, predictive text
Con: Not a lot of app development

iPhone 4S
Pro: App store, 30 pin connector
Con: Same cons as any and all the iPhones pertains to the 4S as well.

It sounds like Xperia Z is the best one, but I personally love the Galaxy Nexus above any of these 4.

In the end, it's up to which Operating System you enjoy:
1. Windows 8
2. Android Jelly Bean
3. BB10 OS
4. iOS 6

They will all do the same thing, take pics, surf the web, check email, make calls, send texts. Not sure what else you'll need.

Hope I was able to help anyways. Good luck!

Asker's Comment:
thnx 4 such a comprehensive answer...actually i was interested in Z10 bt nw i will buy a xperia z 4 sure...

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