Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HOW TO: Flash ♦ PURITY v5.2.1 ♦ JDQ39 (Maguro)

***UPDATED to ♦ PURITY v5.3.1 ♦ JDQ39E (Maguro)***

I am not PURITY.  I just flashed it for your preview.

Fast Forward to 1:50 for Preview

Give THANKS at their XDA post.  It's worth flashing.


How to Install PURITY v5.2.1
- Flash Rom
- Flash Gapps & Reboot
- Repair permissions (You can use Rom Manager) and reboot again



Themes, Wallpapers, Mods

Purity v5.3.1 Changelog 

- bionic: Add missing IOCTL 
- bionic: Implement bzero correctly
- Adding strcmp tuned for Cortex-A15.
- Adding memcpy tuned for Cortex-A15.
- Add stack unwinding directives to memcpy. 
- do not build or enable pthread debug 

- JDQ39E
- Use Linaro gcc 4.7 13.04
- experimental flags

- Work around a dalvik JDWP/GC deadlock. 
- Remove dead instruction in common_exceptionThrown.
- Remove stray references to non-existent opcodes. 
- Fix a Field.isAnnotationPresent crash. 

- SystemUI: fix memory leaks
- QuickSettings: cleanup 
- PowerMenu : Improve keyguard filtered actions 
- keyguard: enable magnetic target if no custom targets defined
- Remove unnecessary updateSurfaceScreenOn call. 

- Fixed swype bug

- Option to strip all unicode characters from SMS 
- Mms: Enable SoftBank emoji encoding 
- Mms: Updated 'Mark as read' notification action icon 
- Mms: SoftBank emoji encoding option translations
- Mms: Update template activity to Google UI guidelines 
- avoid IllegalStateException in MessagingNotification

- avoid stopping app in case of accessing empty db 
- Fix not updating error message when authentication fails
- Check if the Activity is finishing before showDialog() 
- Fix NullPointerException at RunningState 
- Fix Settings app crash after enabled multi-user

- Use superuser

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