Saturday, April 20, 2013

HOW TO: FLASH The Orca Project 4.2+ (Maguro)

I am not DREWGARDEN.  I just flashed it for your preview.

Fast Forward to 1:33 for Preview

Don't have a computer but have Internet and want to flash a new ROM?  No problem, this video shows you how that is possible!

Disclaimer: Flashing your Android device is DANGEROUS!  You will proceed this at your own RISK.  I am not RESPONSIBLE if you brick your phone.  You flashed it, you have to know the risk, if you bricked your phone, it is your fault and yours alone.  I simply provide a video preview and the description of the proper links and some instructions on how to flash this specific ROM.

Give THANKS at their XDA post.  It's worth flashing.


My Other Sites:

How to install The Orca Project
1. Wipe Data
2. Wipe System
3. Wipe Caches
4. Flash ROM
5. Flash GAPPS
6. Reboot


Download: (Gapps)

ALSO AVAILABLE FOR (Maguro) (ATT Samsung Galaxy S3) (Nexus 7) (Nexus 4) (Sprint Galaxy Nexus) (Motorola Xoom) (Xoom 3G) (Spring Galaxy Nexus)



* Android 4.2.2 Update
* ORCASettings
* DPI Settings (Xposed)
* Rom Updates
* OrcaTools Rom Settings (Based Off of RootBox)
* PIE! (Paranoid Android)
* Profiles
* Performance Control
* ORCA Wallpapers
* Themes
* Lock Screen Settings
* Chronus
* Sound Recorder
* Device Parts for Available Devices
* Expandable Sound Settings
* NFC Profiles
* DSP Manager and Apollo Player
* Transparent Statusbar and NavBar Options
* DeskClock with Flip alarm and Shake Off
* AOKP MMS with Color and Theming Options
* Build Prop Tweaks
* Init.d Tweaks
* NFC Polling
* Quiet Hours
* Headset Music App Launch
* CMFilemanger and ThemeManager
* GOO Manager Pre Installed
* Vertical CRT, Option to turn CRT on/off
* Expanded Sound Option in Orca Settings, Ascending Ringtones and Additional Sound Options
* additional stuff I forgot to mention.

Songs by:
Vicetone - Strike (Original Mix)
Vicetone - Twenty (Original Mix)
Doctor P feat. Eva Simons - Bulletproof (Vicetone Remix)

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