Friday, April 19, 2013

HOW TO: Flash Domination

I am not DOMINATION.  I just flashed it for your preview.

Fast Forward to 1:59 for Preview

Don't have a computer but have Internet and want to flash a new ROM?  No problem, this video shows you how that is possible!

Disclaimer: Flashing your Android device is DANGEROUS!  You will proceed this at your own RISK.  I am not RESPONSIBLE if you brick your phone.  You flashed it, you have to know the risk, if you bricked your phone, it is your fault and yours alone.  I simply provide a video preview and the description of the proper links and some instructions on how to flash this specific ROM.

Give THANKS at their XDA post.  It's worth flashing.


How to install DOMINATION
1.Download all the needed files (ROM, Gapps)
2.Boot into recovery
3.Flash the
4.Flash Gapps
5.Boot without flashing a custom kernel (after you've setup everything you can safely install a custom kernel)


Download it here: (PA Gapps)

•Native: Proper surface dithering
•Framework: Power connect/disconnect notification support
•Framework: Lockscreen quick torch
•Framework: Allow theming of lockscreen
•Framework: Add date option to clock
•Framework: Revert "remove opaque check in GLRenderer"
•Framework: IME fix
•Framework: Check for mobile data instead of telephony permissions
•Framework: Status bar Auto-Hide
•Framework: Fixed incorrect calculation of dirty invalidation area in ProgressBar
•Services: Fixed my max hidden apps derp
•Services: Slightly better OOM values
•Services: Remove broadcast receivers faster
•Services: Check for high power/cpu consumption more often
•Policy: Don't let apps disable the SIM PIN entry screen
•SystemUI: Don't start keyguard in an attempt to exit it
•SystemUI: Fixed couple memory leaks
•SystemUI: Add hardware acceleration to recents panel (hopefully it's not that laggy anymore)
•Camera: Check device capabilities before settings some parameters
•Settings: Fixed DataUsage for sim-less devices (CDMA) and for GSM devices with no number (some providers don't write the phone number on the SIM)
•*: Merged every single project upstream with master

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