Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HOW TO: Flash BAMF Paradigm v3.1 [4.2.2] JDQ39 (GSM Galaxy Nexus)

I just recently owned a GSM Galaxy Nexus and I love it!

Here's a ROM I have just flashed.

I am not Team BAMF.  I just flashed it for your preview.

Fast Forward to 1:24 for Preview

Give THANKS at their XDA post.  It's worth flashing.

Available for:
• Galaxy Nexus (links below)
• LG Nexus 4 (links below)
• ASUS Nexus 7 (links below)


How to Install BAMF's Paradigm v3.1
 • Download official ROM and Gapps (see d/l link below)
 • Verify MD5 Hashes (MD5 Checker from Google Play)
 • Put both zip files in an easy accessible directory on your phone
 • Factory reset and wipe all data and cache
 • Install ROM
 • Install Gapps



What to Expect:
 • Android 4.2.2 internals
 • Quick, lag-free performance
 • Rock-solid stability
 • Many original features
 • Bug-free (we hope) android experience
 • Outstanding developer support

Under the Hood:
 • AOSP 4.2.2 base
 • 4.2.2 Proprietary blobs
 • Custom busybox built for Team BAMF
 • SuperSU and su binary from Chainfire (for compatibility)
 • Signed with private developer keys for increased security

BAMF Add-ons:
 • Custom boot animation (thanks to gadget! for the logo)
 • T9 dialer courtesy of CyanogenMod with optional settings in dialer
 • BAMF LTE Widget
 • BAMF Torch Widget
 • Configurable Lockscreen with unlimited* shortcuts, and pull down for Torch
 • Completely configurable QuickSettings Tiles replacing stock QuickTiles
 • Copy/Paste from any app
 • BAMF Settings (huge thanks to Stericson for the RootTools SDK which we incorporated for root functionality)

BAMF Settings Features:
 • Performance Settings (Based on CyanogenMod CPU Settings)
 • CPU Speeds
 • Governor
 • I/O Scheduler
 • Voltages (where supported)
 • System Settings
 • Ad Blocking
 • Remounting of System Partition
 • Volume Key Track Skip
 • Granular Autobrightness adjustment
 • Full management of system apps (disable/enable/uninstall)
 • Full Management of Notifications including Quiet Hours (courtesy of CM)

Visual Settings
 • Fully configurable Lockscreen with the new QuickLaunch Ribbon
 • Launcher Tweaks
 • Show or hide the dock divider
 • Show or hide search bar
 • Set number of home screens (3,5, or 7)
 • Status Bar Tweaks
 • Normal, Centered, or Hidden Status Bar Clock
 • Clock Text Color
 • Show or Hide Alarm notification
 • Show or Hide Debugging Indicator
 • Battery Skin System (Some sample skins are available in the 2nd post and a tutorial for making your own is available in the "Themes" section)
 • Signal Skin System
 • Fully customizable battery text including size, color, and visibility
 • Customizable carrier banner
 • Select and arrange Quick Settings Tiles

Navbar Tweaks
 • Fully customizable Navigation Keys
 • Long press IME arrow for IME Switcher
 • Selectable Keyboard arrows in Navigation Bar
 • Soft key reflections on/off
 • Navbar/Statusbar Skin System
 • Set Soft Key color
 • Set Soft Key glow color

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